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Dunno about you, but we can't read hieroglyphics and we don't care at all. Didn't seem to hinder my enjoyment of "The Mummy" at any rate. But anyway, if we could read the inscription (which we can't) under this delightful rug we would tell you that it describes in detail how to throw a 70's style fondue party. What to put on the stereo, temperature of the cheese, everything. The archaeologists that found the script were very puzzled, to put it lightly.

Kate Bellm
Berlin / Germany

Kate Bellm takes the kind of photos that made a generation buy cheap cameras, load them with expired film and aim at the sun. The key here is that these photos are actually properly exposed and well composed. No over-saturated shots of shoes on phone lines here.
Her commercial fashion and editorial work has been featured in Vogue, Super Paper, Nylon, Vice and L'officiel, amongst many others.


100% Organic Cotton

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