PRIVATE PRESS #1 - Jiro Bevis: "Grave New World"

Hand dyed here at the Dream Factory, these 150gsm cotton shirts fit like a relaxed Sunday afternoon. Featuring a print from London based illustrator and master mind behind the acclaimed Radio Jiro series, Jiro Bevis. These puppies will have you strolling towards the uncertain future with a smile on your face and a cocktail (molotov or otherwise) in your hand.

Wait, is there more? Yes, there clearly is more otherwise I would have stopped writing in the last paragraph. Free with this shirt is a cassette mixtape by Jiro himself, full of punk burners and other gems (like more punk). A perfect soundtrack to an afternoon spent doing burnouts in the carpark.

Here's an interview with Jiro, talkin' Star Wars, pens, Steven Segal and other stuff.
Insight Private Press is a small-run, handmade offshoot of its big brother, the Garage Art Collection. You could probably only fit a moped and a skateboard in this garage, if you're lucky.